Attention Parents -- New Lunch Procedure:

If you would like to bring a lunch for your child from an outside source (i.e. McDonalds, Subway etc.) your child will be asked to eat it in the office or in the conference room and you would be able to it with them there. If you want to eat a school lunch with your child or have brought lunch from home, you may eat in the commons area with them. This is a new procedure. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please contact Mrs. Odom or Mrs. Cardwell if you have any questions.

Hickory Hills Team Information

Algebra/Math - Watkins

All students should keep a book cover on their book.

Algebra 1:

For extra help students can log into

For online homework students should log into

Students have usernames and passwords for each account.

Assignments are done online. Book assignments are given on an individual basis.

Math 8:

For extra help or to do homework online they should go to

Each student has a username and password.

1/14 Unit 5 review packet in class.

1/15 Unit 5 review in class.

1/16 Unit 5 test. Note cards should be filled out ahead of time.

Communication Arts - Searl

August 19th - 23rd
Monday - We will be setting up writer's notebooks and discussing expectations. A packet will be given out identifying writing ideas. Students are required to write 5 entries per week. HW: any forms that have not been turned in and ONGOING: notebooks entries
Tuesday -

Reading/Spanish - De Almeida

Sept 9-13

*Middle School Open House will be on September 12th 5:30-7:00pm!
*Parent/Teacher Conference Week will be October 28-31st.

See below for ongoing homework assignments if nothing is listed under a specific day if you would like your child to work on something at home.

Reading - None
Spanish - Finish Weather worksheet/Pages 22-23 Vocab (write it out)

Tuesday: -
Reading - None
Spanish - None

Reading - None
Spanish - None

Reading- None
Spanish - Quiz on Tuesday over pages 22-23

Reading - None
Spanish - Finish Greetings and Small talk handout if not completed in class.

Ongoing Spanish homework for parents to assign:
Spanish students should go to the link below and work for about 15 minutes; 3 days a week to keep up with vocabulary. When "none" is listed for homework, that is a standing item to do.**

Classzone info:
2007 Online Book is the option you need to choose
ISBN #: 9780618820856

Ongoing Reading homework for parents to assign:

In Reading class, our focus is to get everything done within our classtime. Student will not be assigned homework often in this class. Any assignments not completed in class will need to be completed at home. For those parents that would like their child to have something to do in each class, I would suggest that each child read a minimum of 20-30 minutes a night at home! Read with your students or ask students to tell you about what they are reading and feel free to ask for details or even their opinion of what they are reading. This will be a great comprehension builder and also quality time at home with your child!

Science - McDonald

This week in Science:

Monday 3/24- Notes over Newton's Laws of Motion and "How Fast and How Far" lab.

Tuesday 3/25- Finish lab from Monday. Compare class data and make a graph.

Wednesday 3/26 - Bellringers for 3rd Quarter are due today! Book assignment: The Nature of Force (pgs. 32-35) and Friction and Gravity (pgs. 36-43).

Thursday 3/27- Observing Friction lab and quiz review.

Friday 3/28- Quiz (Force, Friction and Gravity)

Have a great week!

Social Studies - Marlow

Reading the current chapter is a standing homework assignment. Current Reading: Chapter 5 pages 128-148.

Week of September 9th - 13th

Monday- Chapter 5 Vocabulary assigned

Tuesday- Introduction to the EXPLORE Test

Wednesday- American Colonies Test

Thursday- In Class Notes: Colonial Society

Friday- In Class Notes: Colonial Society

Counselor's Corner

From the desk of Mr. Vega...

For information about cyberbullying and how to keep your child safe on the web, check out the following websites:,,,

Have you heard of 211???

There is a new 211 hotline number in Missouri. 211 is a toll-free number that can be used to connect people with all kinds of community services like:

* Basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing, utilities assistance)
* Physical and mental health resources (counseling, rehab, crisis intervention, medicare, Medicaid)

Please spread the word around to those you think might need this service!
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